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Police Eyesight Tests – Your License Can Be Instantly Revoked

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 27th October 2018

Roadside Police Eyesight Tests Being Trialled When driving, it’s important it is to be able to see clearly in order to assess your surroundings, to observe potential hazards and to react in time should the need arise. Surprisingly, figures suggest that around half of the drivers on the road don’t know the minimum standards when it

Is it Time for Electric Cars to Take Over?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 20th October 2018

Electric Vehicles or EV’s Are Entering The Mainstream There’s no doubt about it, electric vehicles, or EV’s, are becoming increasingly popular and a more common sight on the roads today. With fuel prices rocketing, ever-present concerns about pollution and various cities being very expensive places to take petrol or diesel vehicles, the move to electric

The London Congestion Charge – What You Need to Know

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 16th October 2018

Driving in London – Be Aware of the Costs If you ever find yourself having to drive in London, whether that’s in a rental vehicle or your own, chances are you’re already aware that there are certain areas you have to pay extra for driving in. Areas in and around the Central London area are marked

Your Driving Licence – Check Your Details Online

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 12th October 2018

Check and share your driving license details Those of us who’ve been driving for a while will remember the days when a driving license was a large folded piece of green/pink paper which showed all the details of your driving entitlements and endorsements. If you wanted to hire a car or van, you’d often be

October’s Van of The Month – The Mercedes Citan 109 CDI

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 10th October 2018

  In our range of light commercial vehicles for hire, rental vans around the size of the Ford Transit reign supreme as the perfect all-rounders, however, for city couriers, even these vans might be too large. City driving favours smaller vehicles to make navigating narrow streets and parking in tight spots easier. Medium vans like

What are the 5 worst driving habits?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 8th October 2018

  None of us have the roads to ourselves and while out in our car (or, of course, a rental car)  sharing the highways with other motorists, chances are that we’ll see something that makes us tut or shake our heads. While few people would ever admit to being terrible drivers, nearly everyone would be

The Peugeot 208 HDI – Our Car of the Month For October

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 4th October 2018

  High Spec’ in a Small Package – The Peugeot 208 HDI In an age where choice is everything, people are less willing to compromise on what they want, so which small rental cars do you choose when you want it all? If what you want is a car which is small enough to be,

Will car ownership soon be a thing of the past?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 30th September 2018

Car ownership is in decline, will it disappear completely? Driving and owning a car for many is simply a fact of life. Something they have because they need one and the idea of not having a car available on demand is something which would cause them problems and frustration. However, this was not always the

A New Greener Fuel – Are You Ready For E10 Petrol?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 26th September 2018

E10 Eco-Fuel – Low Carbon Petrol Already available in some parts of Europe and if current proposals are carried, soon to be available over here too, E10 Fuel is hailed as the environmentally friendly alternative to regular petrol and diesel. But what is E10 Fuel? What are the advantages of driving or hiring a car

Tips for Autumn Driving – Stay Safe as the Nights Draw In

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 22nd September 2018

September marks the start of Autumn and while the weather’s remarkably mild at the moment, the nights have definitely started drawing in and it’s starting to get a little cooler outside during the day. The change of the seasons brings with it a change in driving conditions and as we progress closer and closer to