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Road Rage – Tips For Avoiding A Confrontation

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 18th September 2018

  Driving, whether that’s a rental car or your own, should be a joy. The feeling of being in total freedom when behind the wheel, the sense of confidence as you keep a ton or more of metal under control and the quiet satisfaction of a job done well after arriving at your destination. However,

Don’t Take Your Banger to a Business Meeting

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 12th September 2018

First Impressions Last – Even Before The Business Meeting Business life can be tough for the company boss who’s built a company from the ground up. You’ve sacrificed, you’ve struggled, you’ve given your all and you’ve set yourself on the road to success. The only thing missing in your life right now is a fabulous

The Nissan Juke – Our September Car of the Month

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 6th September 2018

More Distinctive than Diminutive – The Nissan Juke The SUV sector is one of the most competitive categories in car manufacturing, with every major car brand competing to produce a car which, whether or not a car has any serious off-road ability, has the look of a car which does. The compact crossover sector is an

Volkswagen Transporter – Our Van of the Month For September

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 2nd September 2018

Is the Volkswagen Transporter the most desirable Medium Van? When you think of a medium sized van, chances are the Ford Transit is the first, possibly the only van you think of. This isn’t surprising, the Transit is easily the most popular van on the road, it does everything well and nothing badly, which is

Are these the best UK roads to drive a hire car on?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 15th August 2018

Driving for pleasure – Where would you take a hire car? When the sun is out, the sky is blue and the roads are open, driving is one of life’s simple pleasures. When you’re taking to the road in a hire car from Priory Rentals, the feel of a new or nearly new car which

Rental Cars – Far Cheaper and more Convenient than Train Travel

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 13th August 2018

  Just as rail fares are about to go up (again),  a survey by respected consumer group Which shows that the rail service is the 2nd least trusted consumer industry, second only to car dealers. When you need to get from point A to point B as cheaply as possible, the first thing many people who

Our August Car of the Month – The Volkswagen Golf GTD

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 10th August 2018

The Volkswagen Golf GTD – The Best of all Worlds When selecting vehicles to join the Priory car hire fleet, we never opt for second best. Each addition must fill the needs or wants of our lovely customers. Some people want a car which performs, others want a car to travel with their family in

Can I drive a Van with a Car Licence?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 5th August 2018

What are the Driving License Requirements For Driving a Van? No matter how long ago you passed your driving test, there’s a chance that you may never have driven a van before, so it’s entirely natural to wonder, when faced with the prospect of driving a vehicle which seems entirely different to what you’re used to,

The Peugeot Boxer – Our August Van of the Month

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 2nd August 2018

  Utility is usually the primary concern of our van hire customers. You have something to move from point A to point B, which is too big or too heavy for your car, so you need something bigger to get the job done. From our small city vans to our cavernous Luton’s the job drives the

No hidden charges on our car hire – You can Trust Priory

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 30th July 2018

Hidden Charges – Don’t get taken for a ride when it comes to car hire There’s an old truism, that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Something that bargain hunters have found out, the hard way, when hiring vehicles at unbelievably low prices. All too often they discover that while they may have