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Month: July 2018

No hidden charges on our car hire – You can Trust Priory

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 30th July 2018

Hidden Charges – Don’t get taken for a ride when it comes to car hire There’s an old truism, that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Something that bargain hunters have found out, the hard way, when hiring vehicles at unbelievably low prices. All too often they discover that while they may have

The Fiat 500X – Our Rental Car of the Month for July

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 21st July 2018

Retro, Chunky, Stylish & Compact – The Fiat 500X At Priory, we’re a huge fan of cars with character when it comes to choosing additions to our fleet of cars for hire and few cars manage to equal the charm and capability of the Fiat 500X, which we’ve selected as our car of the month

Driving Laws – Myths and Interpretations

Posted by Priory on 16th July 2018

How Many ‘Driving Laws’ Aren’t Laws….. But Might As Well Be? We hear about driving laws all the time. But for something which so many of us do every day, there are a surprising number of myths, half-truths and downright falsehoods about driving, along with real truths an good advice which have been repeated, shared

Electric cars – Would you hire an electric car?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 12th July 2018

Electric Cars – Entering the Mainstream, or Still Too New? At Priory Rentals, we love our cars. Our vans too. In fact everything with wheels and an engine is likely to turn our heads. While we might be described as ‘petrol heads’ there’s an increasing number of vehicles on the road which don’t use petrol,

Car Hire Insurance and Van Hire Insurance

Posted by Priory on 10th July 2018

Van and Car Hire Insurance Provided By Priory As part of the service we provide, we include suitable insurance with all our vehicle hires. We want you to get behind the wheel and get out on the open road in search of adventure as soon as possible, but, unfortunately, there are one or two formalities

Priory Rentals – Car and Van Hire you Can Trust

Posted by Priory on 3rd July 2018

Vehicle hirers you can trust, but don’t take our word for it. At Priory, we value every one of our lovely customers. Whether hiring a car, hiring a van or hiring a minibus, it’s always a pleasure to see familiar faces as first-time customers become regular customers. Some come back so often we’re considering allocating

Van of the Month – The Ford Transit, a Rental Van 50 Years in the Making

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 1st July 2018

The Ford Transit – The Van’s Van and our Rental Van of the Month The Ford Transit needs no introduction. Ford’s own marketing material declares the Transit as the ‘Backbone of Britain’ and after 50 years as the most popular van on the road, few would disagree. It’s only fitting therefore that we recognise the