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Your Driving Licence – Check Your Details Online

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 12th October 2018

Check and share your driving license details Those of us who’ve been driving for a while will remember the days when a driving license was a large folded piece of green/pink paper which showed all the details of your driving entitlements and endorsements. If you wanted to hire a car or van, you’d often be

What are the 5 worst driving habits?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 8th October 2018

  None of us have the roads to ourselves and while out in our car (or, of course, a rental car)  sharing the highways with other motorists, chances are that we’ll see something that makes us tut or shake our heads. While few people would ever admit to being terrible drivers, nearly everyone would be

Rental Cars – Far Cheaper and more Convenient than Train Travel

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 13th August 2018

  Just as rail fares are about to go up (again),  a survey by respected consumer group Which shows that the rail service is the 2nd least trusted consumer industry, second only to car dealers. When you need to get from point A to point B as cheaply as possible, the first thing many people who

European travel – Take your cruise to the continent with Priory

Posted by Priory on 30th January 2018

Take our cars vans and minibuses on a continental tour At Priory, we love the open road. The highways, the byways, the heady speed of the motorway, or the scenic tranquillity of the country lane. The UK’s road networks can be a joy to navigate, but we’re not the only country with wonderful roads to