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Cut The Cost of Motoring; Hire a Prestige Car & Buy a Budget One

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 29th November 2018

Why Buy a Big Car When You Can Rent One? Getting behind the wheel of large, comfortable prestige car and cruising the motorways is a great way to travel. Large, quality vehicles make longer road trips a joy. Large motorway cruisers are built for the open road, they perform better at higher speeds and return

The Range Rover Sport – November’s Car of The Month

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 8th November 2018

  As the temperature drops and the first hints of winter start to appear, we’re reminded that more challenging driving conditions are coming in the months ahead. When the weather’s appalling, there’s snow on the ground and the gritter hasn’t been round yet, we’re certainly glad to have a capable and luxurious rental vehicle like the

The Peugeot 208 HDI – Our Car of the Month For October

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 4th October 2018

  High Spec’ in a Small Package – The Peugeot 208 HDI In an age where choice is everything, people are less willing to compromise on what they want, so which small rental cars do you choose when you want it all? If what you want is a car which is small enough to be,

Will car ownership soon be a thing of the past?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 30th September 2018

Car ownership is in decline, will it disappear completely? Driving and owning a car for many is simply a fact of life. Something they have because they need one and the idea of not having a car available on demand is something which would cause them problems and frustration. However, this was not always the