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Driving Laws – Myths and Interpretations

Posted by Priory on 16th July 2018

How Many ‘Driving Laws’ Aren’t Laws….. But Might As Well Be? We hear about driving laws all the time. But for something which so many of us do every day, there are a surprising number of myths, half-truths and downright falsehoods about driving, along with real truths an good advice which have been repeated, shared

Why Hire A Small City Car From Priory Rentals?

Posted by Priory on 19th June 2018

Small City Car Rental – Beat The Congestion City life is great. There’s a buzz about living and working close to the city centre. Everything you need is within easy reach and just about everything you need is a short walk, or perhaps a short bike ride away. For those of you who rarely leave the

Settling into your newly hired Priory vehicle

Posted by Priory on 30th January 2018

Adjusting to your Priory vehicle Whenever you leave the familiar driving seat of your own car and prepare to drive something different, it’s totally natural to feel a little awkward until you get used to it. Taking a few minutes to make yourself comfortable and identifying where everything is before you set off can pay

Car seats, seat belts and the law – What you need to know

Posted by Priory on 30th January 2018

    Clunk, click – You know the rest! One of the most important safety devices fitted to any vehicle is the humble seatbelt. Responsible for saving countless lives and preventing innumerable injuries, it might surprise you to know that it was only in the late 1950’s when seat belts started to become commonplace in

Welcome to the New Priory Car and Van Hire Website

Posted by Priory on 30th November 2017

A new Priory Rentals website dedicated to car and van hire With the ongoing popularity of our services and the expansion of our fleet, it’s high time that the car and van hire aspect of Priory Rentals had a website all to itself. We’re therefore very proud to introduce our brand new Priory Car and