Van of the Month - The Mercedes Sprinter Extra LWB

The Mercedes Sprinter Extra LWB – For Carrying Larger Loads Without a Lorry

The Mercedes Sprinter is the most popular large van on the road, with Mercedes taking its premium appeal and engineering knowhow and applying both to make a medium sized commercial vehicle that’s a cut above the rest. The standard version isn’t the only version and we have other rental vans in our fleet which also bear the Sprinter name. The Mercedes Sprinter Extra LWB, as the name suggests is a much larger version of the standard Sprinter, which by all accounts, is already pretty large.

With the rise of internet shopping, the roads are full of multi-drop couriers and it’s not by accident than whether liveried or un-liveried, most of them seem to be driving Mercedes Sprinters. No matter how big their delivery manifest, the Sprinters, whether standard or Extra Long Wheelbase, will happily swallow it all, allowing drivers to maximise efficiency by only loading up once.

If there’s one fault of the Mercedes Sprinter Extra LWB, it’s that their size allows drivers to load up with so much cargo, it’s easy to take the gross weight of the van to over 3.5 tons which depending on when you passed your test might be beyond what’s allowed for you on your license, so do bear this in mind.


The Mercedes Sprinter Extra LWB – Just as Good, but much bigger

The cab of Mercedes Sprinters is as upmarket as you’ll find in a commercial vehicle anywhere. Mercedes have clearly put quality high on the agenda when designing even their vans, taking design cues from their cars as well as the carefully considered supremely logical layout of the controls.

There’s very little we can say about the Mercedes Sprinter Extra LWB that we couldn’t say about the standard Sprinter. It’s much the same van, with much the same to recommend it, it’s just much, much larger, allowing you to carry payloads that the regular Sprinter wouldn’t be able to accommodate.

When you consider that the cost of van hire for either of these classy and capable courier favourites is the same, the larger of the two represents incredible value for the amount of van you get, which is way we’ve names the Mercedes Sprinter Extra LWB our van of the month for April.