Car of The Month - The Utterly Charming Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 – A Tiny & Charmingly Retro Hire Car

Is it possible for a car to be ‘cute’? It most certainly is with the delightful Fiat 500. One of the smallest rental cars in our fleet, the Fiat 500 takes its name and may of its design features from the original Fiat 500 which was in production from 1957 to 1975. While the design of the present day Fiat 500 is definitely retro, the car itself is thoroughly modern and this blend of old and new works together wonderfully to create a true city car that works as well today as it ever did.


What Will You Love About the Fiat 500?

Apart from its endearing features and design, the Fiat 500 still manages to achieve the design aims of the original, that being to wind its way around narrow city streets with ease. With similar proportions, the modern day Fiat 500 is just as easy to drive around built up areas. The diminutive size, punchy engine and ease of maneuvre, means that the little Fiat is a doddle to drive in the city and can virtually park in a space little bigger than a postage stamp. As with any other small car, the light weight and smaller engine size means impressive fuel economy and the 500 is highly unlikely to drop below 50 miles per gallon and on paper can achieve up to 74mpg on a good run.

The retro look extends into the interior of the Fiat 500. The dash, the seats and the switchgear, while being full of modern features are presented in a design that harks back to the original car in a way that’s nothing short of charming.


Hire The Fiat 500 For A Drive That’ll Make You Smile

The original 500 was an absolute classic and holds a special place in the hearts of many who remember it. There are even some well maintained models still on the road today. From the look, the design and the feel of the modern 500, it’s clear that Fiat wanted to do far more than cash in on the popularity of the original. The care, the attention to detail and the sheer quality of the current model shows that it’s less of copy of a winning design but a love letter to it.

Perhaps the best thing about the Fiat 500s in the Priory Rentals fleet, however, is that they can be hired from as little as £16.43 per day, making them as cost effective as they are iconic. Contact us to arrange to hire one for yourself and let yourself be taken in by its cheeky charm.