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Month: September 2018

Will car ownership soon be a thing of the past?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 30th September 2018

Car ownership is in decline, will it disappear completely? Driving and owning a car for many is simply a fact of life. Something they have because they need one and the idea of not having a car available on demand is something which would cause them problems and frustration. However, this was not always the

A New Greener Fuel – Are You Ready For E10 Petrol?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 26th September 2018

E10 Eco-Fuel – Low Carbon Petrol Already available in some parts of Europe and if current proposals are carried, soon to be available over here too, E10 Fuel is hailed as the environmentally friendly alternative to regular petrol and diesel. But what is E10 Fuel? What are the advantages of driving or hiring a car

Tips for Autumn Driving – Stay Safe as the Nights Draw In

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 22nd September 2018

September marks the start of Autumn and while the weather’s remarkably mild at the moment, the nights have definitely started drawing in and it’s starting to get a little cooler outside during the day. The change of the seasons brings with it a change in driving conditions and as we progress closer and closer to

Road Rage – Tips For Avoiding A Confrontation

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 18th September 2018

  Driving, whether that’s a rental car or your own, should be a joy. The feeling of being in total freedom when behind the wheel, the sense of confidence as you keep a ton or more of metal under control and the quiet satisfaction of a job done well after arriving at your destination. However,

Don’t Take Your Banger to a Business Meeting

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 12th September 2018

First Impressions Last – Even Before The Business Meeting Business life can be tough for the company boss who’s built a company from the ground up. You’ve sacrificed, you’ve struggled, you’ve given your all and you’ve set yourself on the road to success. The only thing missing in your life right now is a fabulous

The Nissan Juke – Our September Car of the Month

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 6th September 2018

More Distinctive than Diminutive – The Nissan Juke The SUV sector is one of the most competitive categories in car manufacturing, with every major car brand competing to produce a car which, whether or not a car has any serious off-road ability, has the look of a car which does. The compact crossover sector is an

Volkswagen Transporter – Our Van of the Month For September

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 2nd September 2018

Is the Volkswagen Transporter the most desirable Medium Van? When you think of a medium sized van, chances are the Ford Transit is the first, possibly the only van you think of. This isn’t surprising, the Transit is easily the most popular van on the road, it does everything well and nothing badly, which is