luton box van

The big move – One less thing to worry about

Moving house regularly tops the list of the most stressful things people can be involved in. Beating the experience of starting a new job, relationship breakdown and even divorce in terms of physical and emotional exertion involved. Uncertainty and change are two of the leading causes of anxiety and moving house represents both in equal measure.

While we can’t make saying goodbye to your old home any easier, we can help make the transport of your belongings to your new abode a seamless, less tiring and trouble free experience with one of our Luton box vans.

Luton Van Rental – A perfect choice

One of the largest vehicles you can drive on most regular licenses and with a capacity to rival a small lorry, a Luton box van is an ideal choice for a house move. With a load area two metres wide, over four metres long and over two and a half metres tall, it’s unlikely that even your largest pieces of furniture won’t fit in easily, upright and whole.


Use the tail-lift, not your back

Our Luton box vans come equipped with tail lifts to make loading and unloading even the heaviest items a piece of cake. You won’t need to worry about lifting your fridge into the back of the van; simply drop the lift to ground level, place your fridge, wardrobe or settee squarely on the platform and push a button to raise it level with the van’s load area. If you’ve had the foresight to palletise your packed belongings, you can simply roll on and roll off with ease!


More room up front

Many hands make light work and in a Luton Box van, you won’t be short of help to unload at your new abode. There’s seating in the cab to transport the driver and two passengers, so you can all pitch in and make light work of moving in.


Why hire a removal company?

With friends, family and a Luton box van, you have everything you need to move house by yourself. Keep every aspect of your house move under your own control and keep the day stress free. When you add up the cost of a removal company and compare that to the price of roughly £57.00 a day we charge for our box vans, we’re sure you’d much prefer to spend the difference on thanking your friends for their help and on your house-warming party. Surely that’s a better option!


Make your booking one less thing to worry about

Moving house no doubt involves a ‘to-do’ list as long as your arm, thankfully we make the ‘hire a removal van‘ box an easy one to tick.

Once you have your move day confirmed, get in touch with us to discuss your booking and we’ll make sure your Luton box van is fuelled and ready to go just when you need it.