minibus hire


While a Priory MPV is usually more than enough for most journeys, sometimes you want to travel with a larger group. We offer a minibus hire service, with between 7 and 14 seats to accommodate a larger group of travellers in comfort and style.


Share your journey; more fun, more sensible and more economical

Whether your football team is playing a match away from home or your extended family is having a day out at the beach, it makes sense to hire a minibus rather than take three or more cars.

It costs you less

With minibus hire from as little as £50 per day, cost won’t be a factor in your choice to travel with your friends. For such a large vehicle, a Priory Minibus is surprisingly fuel efficient and will certainly use less fuel than the three or more cars you’d otherwise need to transport the same number of people. In fact, the fuel saving alone will often cover the cost of the hire itself, not to mention saving wear and tear on those cars.

The journey is as much fun as the destination

A group of like-minded people, with a common destination, can enjoy the journey better when they travel together. Don’t let the excitement of a trip with friends be diluted by keeping everyone apart until you get there.

You only need one ‘designated driver’

With only one vehicle, there need only be one driver. While some of us love being behind the wheel, not everyone relishes it, particularly on long trips. You can choose to have only one driver, or name another and share the load, leaving more people free to simply enjoy the journey without having to worry about the responsibility of driving.


Can I drive a minibus on my license?

Despite the name, a minibus is quite a large vehicle. If you can drive a car, you have all the skills you need to drive a minibus, but depending on the number of seats you need and the vehicle categories permitted on your license, you may have to adjust your plans or nominate another driver dependant on your circumstances.

For a guide on the conditions which might restrict your intended use of a mini-bus, we suggest reading the government’s own guide –

If you have any questions about minibus hire or would like to discuss your booking in more detail, feel free to get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you.