November's Van of the Month - The Mercedes Sprinter


Classic Mercedes Engineering in a light commercial vehicle

When it comes right down to it, a van is a van. So long as it gets your cargo from point A to point B, there’s not much between them other than size and price right? Well, partially.

When you hire a van, you’re usually doing so with a particular job in mind. if you’re looking at a Mercedes Sprinter, then it’s likely to be a fairly big job. While looks, to a degree, aren’t a primary factor when considering a commercial vehicle, they’re certainly a ‘nice to have’ and the Sprinter is undeniably one of the better-looking vans on the road, even without the three-pointed star mounted on its grille.

The basic requirements of a van – four wheels, a large load area and somewhere to sit aside, the Mercedes Sprinter over delivers in everything you’d expect from a van. It’s high-tech, safe and efficient. The Ford Transit may be the best all-round van on the road, but as far as large vans go, the Mercedes Sprinter is King, being the best selling long wheelbase van for as long as it’s been in production.


What’s special about the Mercedes Sprinter?

Looking beyond the looks, premium branding and larger load capacity, the Mercedes Sprinter’s attraction is down to the technology and the extras. Any van, or other high sided vehicle will be affected by crosswinds, but the ‘crosswind assist’ feature automatically detects gusts on the fly and automatically compensates. There are numerous premium driving systems geared towards safety, but we particularly like the feature which automatically dries wet brake discs to increase stopping distance even in the wet. The cabin, large enough for a driver and two passengers is certainly a cut above a regular van. Controls, while being large and well laid out are made of noticeably premium materials and thoughtfully arranged.


Drive a Mercedes Sprinter For Yourself

When you have a large delivery to make and a regular sized van just isn’t large enough, make the move up to a Mercedes Sprinter, our van of the month for November, and you may never want to drive another van.