Why Hire A Small City Car From Priory Rentals?

Small City Car Rental – Beat The Congestion

City life is great. There’s a buzz about living and working close to the city centre. Everything you need is within easy reach and just about everything you need is a short walk, or perhaps a short bike ride away. For those of you who rarely leave the confines of your personal metropolis, it’s hard to see why anyone would live anywhere else and no surprise that there are fewer car owners in such areas. On the occasion, a car is absolutely necessary, city dwellers typically hire a car rather than buy one outright, it’s smart and efficient, just like our city cars themselves.

Unfortunately, for those of us who do live outside the major metropolitan areas, but have to travel there either regularly or occasionally, we often do so with trepidation. City Centres are notoriously unwelcoming for motorists. Full of narrow, one way streets, limited parking opportunities on the street and hideously expensive multi-story car parks with tiny bays and paint scarred pillars. The worst part of driving in a city though is the congestion. With everyone travelling to the city at the same time in the morning and leaving at the same time in the afternoon, the roads around any major metropolitan area are likely to be crammed at rush hour.


Hire A City Car to make city life a breeze

When space is at a premium, both on the road and off it, it seems the best way to navigate the inner city roads, is in a car purpose built for the job. City cars are tiny and nippy, easy to handle, easy to park and easy to live with. They have small, frugal engines, so you won’t spend much on fuel and you’ll be keeping your contribution to pollution at an absolute minimum while you’re navigating the one-way systems. The steering on city cars is typically light and responsive, making manoeuvring a breeze and squeezing into the tightest parking space a doddle (while the executives in their giant, unsuitable saloons spend all day circling looking for a space). Lack of size doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of features and as with most modern cars, a city car hired from Priory comes with more bells and whistles than you’d expect.


Do your bit for congestion – take up less space

If you need to travel to the city, if public transport is on strike again, or you need to take a short trip by road and need to hire a car as cheaply as possible, then why not get in touch with us to try out one of our punchy little City Cars for yourself. A city car rental from Priory can be had for as little as £16.43 per day, which in many cities is probably less than you’ll pay to park it!