Will car ownership soon be a thing of the past?

Car ownership is in decline, will it disappear completely?

Driving and owning a car for many is simply a fact of life. Something they have because they need one and the idea of not having a car available on demand is something which would cause them problems and frustration. However, this was not always the case and car ownership is already showing signs of starting to decline. Will owning a motor vehicle one more become an unnecessary and extravagant luxury?


Learning to drive is less of a right of passage

When many of us were younger, we booked our driving lessons the moment we hit 17 and tried to pass our tests and get on the road as quickly as possible. However, today’s youngsters are far less interested in driving than used to be the case. With every aspect of driving being far less affordable for the young, especially in terms of insurance. A survey last year showed that 30% fewer teens are learning to drive than was the case 10 years ago.


‘Peak Car’ has already arrived

According to commentators and news outlets, Britain has already hit ‘peak car’ – a point when there as many cars on the road as there have ever been and numbers from then started to decline. Britain isn’t alone in hitting peak car, other countries have also started to experience a decline in the number of vehicles on their roads.


Driverless cars will replace the need to drive or even own a car

Autonomous cars are likely to be a long way off and have already spent a lot of time in the news for the wrong reasons, but the technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds, with many mainstream manufacturers investing heavily in the technology which is sure to see self-driving cars become a reality. When the technology gets to the point where it’s workable and viable, it’s been predicted that people’s habits will change. Why go to the expense of purchasing, insuring and maintaining a vehicle, when you can book a door to door trip in one (naturally from Priory) on demand?


With the advent of cars becoming a service rather than a possession, something to be ordered only when they’re needed not parked up depreciating when they aren’t, the future is likely to be significantly different to how it is now, but people will still need to get around and as ever, you can count on Priory Rentals to hire a car, a van or even a flying passenger drone, even if the vehicle does the driving for you!