Hire a Van for Your New Year Clearout - De-Clutter with Van Hire

How New Year Van Hire Can Help You De-Clutter

As we start a New Year and look forward to 2019 it’s the time to make resolutions to get the year off to a great start. Why not take advantage of that motivation by arranging Van Hire and finally get round to clearing out all that clutter you’ve been promising yourself that you’ll shift for years?

Whether it’s in your house, your garage, your loft, or your business premises, we can all be a little reluctant to let go of things we no longer have a use for. Telling ourselves “It might come in handy one day”, while knowing all along that it probably never will.

Perhaps the items are too big and bulky, maybe you’ve not found the time to make all the multiple trips in your car it would take to get rid of everything, or maybe you’ve just told yourself you’ll ‘get round to it eventually’. Why not get round to it now?


Hire a Van and give yourself back your space

Whether it’s the garage, the loft, the spare room or the back office, we all have a place we use to ‘store’ things we don’t currently have a use for. Some of those things we don’t find a use for for so long that we might even forget that they’re there. When this happens, it’s usually time to face the facts and have a good clearout.

This doesn’t mean you have to throw everything away. Even if you can’t find a use for that unloved clutter, there’s a chance that someone else would be only too happy to take some of those items off your hands. Simply arrange to hire a van from us and start planning what you’re going to take to the tip, what you might consider selling and what you could donate to your local charity shop.

You might have thought about hiring a skip instead, or paying someone to take everything away, but surely you’d rather make sure that at least some of your unneeded possessions found good homes rather than going to landfill? Besides, van hire is also far cheaper and more convenient than having a large metal object left outside your house for a day or two, exposed to the elements and to the prying eyes of passers by.


Hire a van today, don’t leave it until tomorrow!

Chances are that you’re fed up of the clutter getting in the way, you just need a push to motivate yourself to do what you know you need to do. This is precisely what New year Resolutions are for!

One of the best ways to make sure you keep to that commitment to de-clutter is to make arrangements now while it’s fresh in your mind. They say that a goal without a deadline is just a dream, so set yourself a deadline to sort out the clutter you’d like to dispose of and make it a firm commitment by arranging van hire for the day you intend to be ready to take it away.

A deadline has a way of focusing the mind, so arrange your rental van now and all you then need to do is be ready when the day comes to collect it.


Contact us today and arrange Van Hire with Priory Rentals and look forward to reclaiming your space from all that clutter.